Sunday, December 11, 2011

Swagalisous tip #1

I haven't been very good with updating this thing and then i realized some how i deleted the first post i ever did!  BUT I'm back and  gonna try a little harder!
So with that said, the swagalisous tip for this week is...... for people that feel they have "greasy hair". Now when I ask a client if they have challenges or anything they don't like about their hair the most common answer I get is they always feel like their hair gets greasy.

Well you would be surprised that sometimes its not actually your hair that is the problem.....
What I mean when I say that is sometimes is too much product or people touching there hair or face too much.
But would you believe that the most common problem I see is actually the shampoo and condtioner they're using at home?
For Example: I had a lady come in awhile ago and she wanted her hair colored. I asked her if there is any thing she doesnt like about her hair. And of course it was she felt her hair is always greasy. She also never uses product to style her hair at home except for the occasional hair spray.Well right there that starts, "the process of illumination".
As i asked her what kind of shampoo and conditioner she uses, she said she tends to usually use  off brand shampoo and conditioner she gets that was supposably equaled to Dove or something like Suave etc.  Right there i knew instently that more then likely that was the problem. I then did a little test on her hair that proved to me that that was excalty the problem. I knew this because actually her hair was in lack of moisture. But that doesnt seem right? right?.....
Well by using a knock off brand or any brand that isnt sold by a proffesional salon or company not only are you not  quite sure how long it as been sitting there. But It could be watered down or has indured different climent changes. Some are even counterfeit.  They also tend to have alot more  chemicals and waxes in them.

Therefore by you  using types like that  daily to wash your hair; your body is actually sometimes over compinsating for its lack of moisture....
and TAH-DAH you have greasy looking hair!
Now I know not all of us can afford fifteen dollars for shampoo and then another fifteen for condtioner. And that's okay! If you are that person that absoulty refuses or just simply cant afford that but want to try something to see if the greasy look will go away; i would recommend L'Oreal's EverPure line of shampoo and condtioner. I have used it and actually really like it!
Now I'm not saying your going to use different product and your hair is going to automacitlly be grease -free. There are other factors that can make our hair look more greasy then it acutally is, But by trying a different shampoo and condtioner it will be one less factor in making your hair look that way.

   ~Chelsea J